Product or service design typically consists of fundamental principles that endure over time. However, evolving societal and environmental values have led to changes in consumer needs. Functionality has become increasingly critical, and products that prioritize utility, simplicity, comprehensibility and transparency are necessary. Whether reliant on technology or not, the primary objective of any product or service should be to enhance and assist human beings. 


Alberto Carnero


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Madrid, SP


I am a designer (EASD Zamora) based in Madrid with a profound interest in technology and typography (I.E.D. Master Degree), specializing in visual communication & product design. I pursued a degree in Civil Engineering before transitioning to the design field.

Professionally, my objective is to combine the experience on digital design and background on technology consultancy to solve problems, tell stories and create compelling brand experiences and unique and special digital products. We need to discuss the world to build design.
People, their dreams and difficulties.

Several experience as a typography teacher or speaker on Design Events and Schools such as Serifalaris, Lletraferits, IED, Art schools of Granada and Seville among others.
My academic career includes Graphic Design, Film & Post-Production Master - (CICE Madrid), UX Digital Research, Digital Product Design (Lean UX), Data visualization & Information design, Design Sprints, Type Design (I.E.D), Holistic Design Strategy.

Workshops, lectures

Lletraferits. Lérida. Private Type Event.
Serifalaris. Bilbao. Lecture & Workshop.
Escuela de Arte de Granada. Type design.
Escuela de Arte de Sevilla. Conf.
Málaga Design Walk. Handmade type.
Trazos / Erretres Master. Typography.
Istituto Europeo di Design. Workshop.

TypeTalk. Studio Banana, Madrid.
Sevilla Design Walk. Typography.
Leticia Zarza Art Gallery. Madrid.
Un Gato en Bicicleta. Sevilla.
I do Project. Workshop. Sevilla.
TypoMad Fest. Dimad.
Font Family. IndexBook.

Happy Wednesday London. Free Zine packed.
Evasée. Shangay and Spain Graphic design.
Vasava Bcn. 36 days of type.
Matadero. TypoMad Fest.
Matadero. I.E.D Typography.

Works for

Ricoh Europe, Moncloa.gob. Yorokobu, SM Editorial, Pernod Ricard, Seagram ́s Gin, Yondbee, Wilkinson Italia, IED Madrid, Javier Martín Galán, TourSpain, Mustang, Levis, Francesc Ribot, Loewe, Espacio36 Art Gallery, NextDoor Publishers Bcn, Grupo Banco Popular, Ministry of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Turing Challenge Madrid, Wendy & Rita Bcn ...

Conference at Serifalaris - Getxo, Spain

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En el ámbito del Diseño Sostenible, existe una amplia diversidad de ideas y enfoques. Intentándolo desde una manera académica y sencilla, voy a intentar presentar principios específicos para cada una de las perspectivas existentes.
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Nuestro actual sistema, si bien ha logrado avances en la organización de la producción, también ha intensificado su visión mercantilista de los bienes de consumo finales; los productos, los servicios.
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No hay extracto porque es una entrada protegida.
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En una conferencia del año 1976, Dieter mostró un compromiso ineludible con el diseño responsable y la sostenibilidad.

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